Saturday, December 19, 2009

"If you knew where your food came from, you wouldn't eat"

In my Italian immigrant household everyone worked hard all day and somehow found the time for a multi-course sit down dinner. I now see the logic of staying home for an excellent meal but as a child I wanted to go out eat. My dad would say "If you knew where your food came from, you wouldn't eat".

I watched a documentary about the industrial food complex called Food Inc. I cannot recommend it enough. Let's be real. When someone serves up a big juicy hamburger or steak, any fleeting moment of wondering where it came from is quickly suppressed. Maybe on a subconscious level we don't want to know how our food is processed. Yet, this is the kind of movie that keeps you thinking and it may help you make better food choices.

One in three Americans born after 2000 diabetes (one in two for minorities). There is a reason for this. Children die from e coli infections and we propagate a food industrial complex that does not value the quality of food, their workers, the environment and least of all the consumer.

I'm sure we realize we are carnivores. And we know that indirectly we have to kill in order to eat. But this movie is about much more. It shows you how our meals are produced and all its political, health, environmental and moral consequences.

Food inc trailer

A movie trailer about obesity called "Killer at large" is another must see film.

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